Daniel, or ‘Danny G’ as he’s more commonly known, was born in Leyton, London back when the 80’s was still going strong.

Daniel, thanks to his exceptional organisational and leadership skills (that and his ability to find the silver lining in most situations), is seen as the go-to brother amongst his 4 other siblings.

He’s known as a ‘crazy cat man’, as he’s ‘Dad’ to 4 female cats; Ella, Shortie, Inka and, the newest addition, Pumpkin.

Not one to sit about, Dan likes to keep himself busy, either writing a new piece of music, playing his beloved custom guitar, having a kick about or keeping fit (or cleaning out cat litter!). Dan’s also a heavy metal fanatic – which he actually accredits for his calm persona!

Dan is always the ‘man with the plan’ and hates sporadic, last minute plans – it doesn’t leave him with time to finish his cleaning! – he’s a bit of a neat freak!

Happy, calm and always generous with his time; you’ll wonder what his secret is to keeping so optimistic – he says, apart from his music, he acknowledges his beautiful cats, staying active, family time and relaxing with his partner – who also keeps him happy with her cooking!

An enthusiastic salesman, with a passion for the industry and an all-round people person, Dan would one day like to be managing a team of equally as enthusiastic people and showing the world of roofing exactly what he’s made of.

Dan came to us after a long spell of 10 years at another roofing merchant and now can’t wait to share his knowledge and passion with everyone else at AJW.