All you need to know about Barrow plain handcrafted tile

A handcrafted clay plain tile with a lightly sanded finish.
Each tile has a subtle irregular form which creates the appearance of a traditional, aged roof with character.

Designed and developed with Alban plain tile, the Barrow is aimed at those wanting traditional handmade looks at a more affordable price. The manufacturing process ensures that a generous application of sand is embedded into every tile to create a rich sanded look characteristic of a true handmade tile. There are four colours to choose from which have been designed to emulate Keymer Goxhill handmade plain tile.

There are two brown shades; Burnt Oak and Bay Brown as well as two red colours – the Light and Dark Rusper. These can be used individually on the roof or mixed to create an attractive blend of colours called ‘Barrow Brindle Mix’ – which is well suited to heritage building projects. The red colours are also ideal for vertical tile hanging.

Barrow creates its own look on the roof and offers the specifier, homeowner or builder a range of benefits.

The main advantages of the Barrow Plain Tile

  • The Barrow plain tile is available in five colours – Burnt Oak, Dark Rusper, Bay Brown, Light Rusper and Red Basalt
  • The New Red Basalt colour gives the appearance of an aged, blackened roof with subtle red tones
  • You can take advantage of Barrow’s ability to mix colours creating your own personal unique brindle mix roofing design
  • The Barrow plain tile is made from Sandtoft’s extensive clay reserves which were formed over 10,000 years ago
  • Sanded by hand using recycled foundry sands
  • Perfect for heritage roofing projects
  • With Barrow’s subtle irregular form, each roof tile is unique, creating an aged roof with a lot of character
  • Colour permanent natural clay

Clay tiles are subject to small variations in size because of drying and firing shrinkage in the manufacturing process. Therefore, before deciding on the batten gauge and cover width, the roof tiler should inspect each batch of tiles to ensure that the correct minimum headlap and sidelap are achieved.

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