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How to install Cedral Lap?

There are a number of fixing variants for Cedral, but the general principle is the same for all.

Ideal low maintenance, rot free alternative to traditional timber.

Fitted in traditional lapped style and with the visual appeal of natural timber, Cedral is an attractive, low maintenance alternative to all types of weatherboarding.


Cedral needs to be fixed to vertical timber battens (preservative treated and planed on two faces) of at least 50mm wide, spaced at a maximum of 600mm across the elevation. Cedral should be fixed to at least three battens: if it is only fixed to two, then the batten spacing should be reduced to 400mm.

A minimum 30mm clear cavity must be provided behind Cedral with a 10mm continuous opening at the base, head and at the window and door heads and cills.

7 Step Installation Procedure

          1. Getting Started

  • Position and fix the vertical battens. Battens to be spaced a maximum of 600mm apart.
  • Perforated closures should also be attached to each door, cill and window head, to prevent animal and insect ingress whist allowing ventilation paths to be maintained.
  • Ensure starter profile is level then screw or nail into place. The starter profile will ‘kick out’ the first plank to ensure the look is uniform with the rest of the installation.

          2. Finishing under windowsills

          3. Finishing a Window Reveal

          4. Finishing a window head  

          5. Joining Cedral Lap planks  

          6. Fitting around an External Corner  

          7. Installing Cedral Lap Planks  

Finishing and Decoration

Touch up paint is available in all colours of Cedral. This should be used sparingly, only where there is damage to paint or on cut edges.

For woodstain shades, lightly coat the cut edges with closely colour matched touch up paint to protect against edge staining post installation.

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