Introducing ANS GrufeKit

Simple to install green roof kit

Green roofs are increasingly in demand. Specified for their environmental contribution, rainwater retention and visual impact. Traditionally roofers would subcontract the green roof element of the roofing to a specialist contractor due to the complexity of the layered or ‘built-up’ system. Today however the modular ANS GrufeKit (green roof kit) makes it possible for roofers to install a quality green roof themselves.

Whatever type of waterproof membrane you install be it single ply, EPDM, fiberglass, felt or liquid applied membrane, you can install ANS GrufeKit on top. Up to a 16 degree pitch the system can simply be loose laid on top of the protection fleece (supplied as part of the kit). Above a pitch of 16 degrees the system can still be installed, however a restraint system will be required.

Where a stone margin is required – either for a fire break or for aesthetics, our 20kg bags of Scottish river-washed pebbles provide an ideal solution. Per linear meter we allow two bags for a 200 mm border. Where the roof has a drip edge, our Aluminium GrufeGuard provides a visually attractive way to finish the green roof. If the roof is having a traditional upstand, the GrufeGuard is not required.

Find out more about the ANS GrufeKit green roof kit. https://www.ansgroupglobal.com/green-roof/about

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