Meet Clair our hyper cat loving Chatteris Depot Manager

I was born in Tunbridge Wells.

I come from Kent and moved to Cambs about 20 yrs ago.

My Mum still lives in Kent and my Dad lives in the New Forest. Both re married.

I have a sister in St Ives, a niece and two great nieces.

I have three cats called Brian, Florence and Ermintrude which I named after characters on the magic roundabout. I did have a Dougal but she died as was very old. I am mad about cats.

I hate Beetroot and TV Adverts.

I am a lively enthusiastic person with a wicked sense of humour and a very loud laugh.

I came to AJW to continue my career in the roofing industry after working for a timber yard for 5 years. I have just over 20 yrs experience in roofing now