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All you need to know about Roofshield underlay

Roofing breather membrane with superior air & vapour permeability. Roofshield Underlay is BBA Certified for non-ventilated warm & cold roofs.

Roofshield underlay is a pitched roof breather membrane for fixing beneath tiles and slates, providing a secondary barrier to the ingress of rain, wind and snow and reduces interstitial condensation.

It has been made to the same high specification for 21 years, and has consistently met the evolving demands of the roofing industry to be the first choice for most roofing contractors.

Roofshield underlay is reliable and performance has been demonstrated in the toughest locations around the world. Its characteristics allow even very complex pitched roofs to breathe, without the need for air gaps or secondary venting. With a triple-layer construction, Roofshield features a melt-blown core and non-woven, spun-bonded, polypropylene breather membrane.

Specification Details:

  • No ventilation required below membrane
  • No Vapour Control Layer Required (BBA Clause 7.7)
  • 3 months UV exposure
  • Provides temporary water resistant layer (Class W1)
  • Fully supported or draped between rafters

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