Coroline Corrugated Bitumen Roofing Sheet

Coroline roof sheet is a tough, lightweight, economical, environmentally friendly and waterproof roofing and cladding material made from bitumen saturated organic fibres.

Coroline roof sheet is available in two colours; black and green. Coroline Bitumen Sheet is an ideal and attractive solution for garden sheds, garages, stables or agricultural buildings. Coroline is available in 2.6mm thicknesses.


Coroline Bitumen Roofing Sheet is ideal for Tool and Garden Sheds, Garages, Stables, and Kennels.

Sheet Options

  • Coroline is 2.6mm thick and available in 2000mm lengths.
  • Available in Black and Green colour options.


Corroline offers a range of accessories that can be applied during the installation of Coroline Bitumen Sheets. Coroline Accessories contribute to the durability and longevity of Coroline Bitumen Sheets.

  • Coroline Fixings: Fixings are designed for use with Coroline Bitumen Sheets when installed on timber. The washer and waterproof cap are available in a range of colours, Green, Red, and Black to match the colour of sheets.
  • Coroline Eaves Fillers: Foam Eaves Fillers are used in the installation of Coroline Bitumen Sheet to prevent roof clatter and to support sheets when fixed.
  • Coroline Verge: Manufactured from the same material as Coroline Bitumen Sheets, Coroline Verge is fastened at the verge to provide a professional weatherable finish to the roof verge. Also in available in a range of colours to match Coroline Bitumen Sheet, Black, Green, Red and Brown
  • Coroline Ridge: Manufactured from same material as Coroline Bitumen, it is flexible and easily adjusted to suit varying roof angles. Preformed end loop grooves make for easy installation.
  • Coroline Apron Flashing: Coroline Apron flashing is designed to seal the gap between Coroline bitumen sheets and vertical wall abutments. It is suitable for any pitch of roof and pre-formed to match the sheets profile. Available in black.
  • Coroline Vent Strip: Ventilator Strips are used to allow ventilation of the roof space and prevent birds and large insects from entering the eaves. Secure into place by nailing with galvanised round headed nails.
  • Coroline Batten Cloaking: For use with the Eaves Ventilator Strip, the Batten Cloaking Piece protects the eaves battens from potential water ingress and provides a tidy finish to the eaves. Use in Coroline Bitumen Sheet installations.
  • Coroline Eaves Tray: The Eaves Tray is installed along the eaves under Coroline Sheet to form a waterproof weathering tray into the gutter.

Features and Benefits:

  • Tough and long lasting
  • Strong yet light in weight
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Complete installation accessories
  • Excellent heat insulation
  • Good sound absorption
  • Guaranteed waterproof for 15 years

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