Corovent – Eaves and Fascia Ventilation

Simple and effective way of providing the necessary air movement within a cold roof.

Corovent Roof Ventilation eaves ventilation products are specially designed to eliminate the risk of condensation by providing adequate airflow in the roof void and avoids damage to the eaves and roof- felt finishing.

It is most effective when used in conjunction with high level roof ventilation.

Corovent – Eaves Ventilation Products

Corovent Rafter Trays RT66: Available on a continuous roll and in tray format, the continuous rafter tray incorporates structural profiling which dramatically improves rigidity so a full 25mm air path is guaranteed down the line of the roof. Covorvent Rafter Trays are designed for warm or cold roofs are lightweight, easily installed and are ideal for use on new or old roofs.

Eaves Fascia Trays FT150:  Corovent Eaves Fascia Trays were developed to provide a neat membrane finish preventing puddling and the risk of felt rotting. These lightweight, rigid trays support the lower edge of the underlay allowing it to be cut back short of the gutter. Corovent Eaves Fascia trays are suitable for use on all slates and tiles, easily handled and installed, ideal for use on domestic roofing projects.

Over Fascia vents 0V10: Corovent over Fascia Vents are discreet methods of eaves ventilation which is highly effective despite being virtually invisible. Made from lightweight yet, very strong polypropylene, it features a 4mm grill stopping large insects or small rodents getting into the roof void. The main features of Over Fascia Vents are they are easily installed, offer continuous ventilation, corrosion and rot resistant and cause minimum disruption to the eaves. Dimensions 1m x 10mm air gap.

Comb Fillers CF1: Corovent Eaves Comb Fillers are flexible fillers suitable for use with profiled tiles. The CF1 has a flat strip for nailing on to the fascia enabling the flexible spines to point upwards. Designed to prevent the entry of debris, birds, large insects and vermin at the eaves opening of profiled tiles. Available in 1m lengths


 Benefits of Corovent Eaves Ventilation Systems

  • Discreet eaves ventilation
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Prevents large insects entering the roof void
  • Quick and easy to install

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