Introducing Fatra Ltd

Environmental Waterproofing Solutions

Fatra are an environmental roof waterproofing solution provider. Fatra specialise in PVC single ply membranes, namely their bonded fleece backed and mechanically fixed membranes. These membranes have a wide range of flat roof applications within the construction industry which include residential, commercial, industrial and institutional. The versatility of these membranes means they can be used in a number of roof types / build-ups such as cold roofs, warm roofs and inverted / ballasted roofs.

Fatra UK Ltd was formed over 21 years ago in 1997 and provides roof waterproofing solutions to many high-profile projects and clients. The company is constantly growing and now offers one of the most comprehensive packages available in the industry, including a range of high quality components backed by design services, value engineering, field support and bespoke training courses tailored to the site operative’s needs.
Based in Cardiff, Fatra UK Ltd was formed with the knowledge of how important it is for a roof to be installed reliably again and again. The Fatra systems are robust and are chosen by roofing contractors all over the country as their preferred way of delivering high quality and cost effective roofing solutions for their clients.

The Fatra systems consist of membranes made by Fatra a.s. in the Czech Republic and Fatrametal trims made in the UK. These are combined with a range of carefully selected accessories, from fixings and rainwater outlets to green roofing components and vapour control layers; in order to provide the customer with an integrated solution capable of solving their flat roofing needs.

Some key benefits of Fatra’s PVC membrane systems include:

  1. Reduced installation time with the pad fix system as the contractor is installing the insulation and membrane fastener in one operation.
  2. One membrane thickness, one guarantee (20 years) no need for multi stocking / purchasing different membranes.
  3. Same membrane under buried roofs, less confusion in having to buy different membranes for field area and upstand.
  4. Fatra carry out fixing windload calculation; takes design risk away from contractor.

For Fatra UK Ltd minimising our impact on the environment is a key part of how we work. With a 30 year life and recycled content the Fatra roof systems have been awarded by the BRE a unique ‘eco-points’ assessment.

Technical Services
Support for designers such as wind load calculations, suggested bespoke NBS and standard details give designers reassurance that they are specifying the correct system for their project.

Site Support
Roofing contractors trained by Fatra are amongst the best in the country and have a reputation for being able to deliver complex projects or simple residential schemes. Fatras’ experience and training gives them the confidence to recommend Fatra to their customers. Onsite advice given by the Fatra Field Technicians help ensure the roof is installed correctly and to budget.

Fatra membranes have many third party approvals and are manufactured to ISO9001 Quality Standard, ISO14001 Environmental Standard and ISO18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Standard.

Supply Chain
Fatra operate their own supply chain of associated components. In addition Fatra has been chosen by many clients to form part of their supply chain. This embraces the vision of Egans’ and Lathams’ reports, both of which could foresee the efficiencies that can be obtained through robust integrated supplier agreements.

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