With 30 years of experience, Joris Ide represents a quality guarantee with market players in the construction business.

From August 1st, 2016, Category Cladding changed its name to Joris Ide Ltd. With manufacturing facilities in the UK and Mainland Europe, Joris Ide Ltd combines Category Cladding and Joris Ide into one.

The Joris Ide Group was founded 30 years ago by Mr. Joris Ide and has become one of the European market leaders in manufacture and supply of insulated panels, profiles, structural elements and related accessories.

The goal of Joris Ide is to continue delivering innovative, high-quality products. To accomplish this, Joris Ide will adhere to the established products manufactured from Cardiff while simultaneously exploring opportunities from the manufacturing facilities in Europe to provide you with additional value in new areas.

The Joris Ide group has evolved over 3 decades thanks to strong values that have enabled the company to develop:

  • Listens to the customer: This point is of key importance to the group. A word given is a word kept.
  • Passion for the trade: For 30 years, Joris Ide has passionately positioned itself on the market of building cladding. A fierce determination to do something.
    A strong identity: the values advocated by the founder of Joris Ide have carried on for 30 years, which makes Joris Ide a company with a strong paternalistic identity.
  • The desire to always innovate: We are constantly striving to improve the products and services offered to our customers, whether in areas such as heat science, technology or aesthetics.
  • Reactivity: with a network across the whole of Europe, the JORIS IDE group offers you a unique reactivity when it comes to manufacturing & delivery times, anywhere in Europe.

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