Marley Eternit

Marley Eternit is a leading provider of roofing and cladding solutions to the construction industry. Part of the worldwide Etex Group, our unrivalled portfolio includes concrete and clay tiles, fibre cement slates, decorative cladding and profiled sheeting. 

We appreciate that the priority for construction professionals is providing the highest quality product, which can be quickly installed alongside expert advice and guidance. Through careful product innovation we will continue to develop roofing and cladding systems that enhance the built environment.

AJW Distribution have been Marley Eternit suppliers for a long time and continue to stock a wide range of products.

Cedral weatherboard
Cedral is the ideal, low maintenance, rot-free alternative to traditional timber weatherboarding. With the visual appeal of natural timber, simplicity of installation and resistance to rot, Cedral weatherboard is an attractive, low maintenance alternative to PVCu and timber.

We can source and supply the full range of Cedral weatherboard cladding products from Marley Eternit Ltd including Cedral Lap,Cedral Click and the full range of coordinating trims, soffit and fascia boards. Cedral Lap is specially designed so the planks overlap creating a traditional clapper board aesthetic, whereas Cedral Click planks are fitted together flush creating a contemporary façade. With a wide variety of colour options, Cedral is a versatile solution to suit many different project requirements.

Marley Eternit’s extensive range of tiles, slates, fixings and fittings have been successfully enhancing and protecting roofs for over 100 years. We can source and supply a vast range of pitched roof products to suit your individual project requirements

Concrete Tiles
Outstanding aesthetics and precision engineering of Marley Eternit concrete roof tiles deliver a varied range, suitable for modern and traditional concrete roof designs. From the double pantile design of the Mendip interlocking tile to the authentic cross camber design of the concrete plain tile, our concrete roof tile range has proven performance properties matched by aesthetic characteristics, which approach the look, feel and even weathering appearance of ‘natural’ products more closely.

Marley Eternit slates provide the charm of a natural slate roof with all the economical, functional and environmentally friendly attributes of modern slate technology. Our four products, Rivendale, Birkdale, Garsdale and Thrutone have been designed with the architect in mind and offer the opportunity to produce innovative and imaginative designs either as vertical cladding or slate roof pitches as low as 15°.

Clay Tiles
Marley Eternit is the UK’s leading manufacturer of clay tiles and fittings. Our extensive range contains plain and interlocking clay tiles with colour and texture options, which meet the aesthetic and performance demands of all types of roofing applications. Whilst our dry fix and ventilation systems allow rapid weathertight installation and fixing.

Profiled Sheeting
Marley Eternit, the UK’s only manufacturer of fibre cement roofing and cladding solutions, has been producing profiled sheeting for over 90 years. Today they offer two ranges of profiled sheeting, Profile 3 and Profile 6. The products are differentiated by the size of corrugation; Profile 3 having smaller corrugations and more suited to smaller scale projects; garage, domestic & equestrian sectors. Profile 6 with the larger corrugation and more suited to large scale projects; Agricultural & Industrial sectors

EQUITONE facade materials from Marley Eternit evoke the unique nature of fibre cement – a mineral composite material with outstanding physical and aesthetic properties. EQUITONE materials provide architects with the ability to bring inspirational designs to life, for both new buildings and refurbishment projects, through a wide range of options in terms of colour, texture and visual appearance.

Marley Eternit is the UK’s leading manufacturer of graded timber roofing battens, shingles & shakes, scaffold boards and commercial anti-slip decking. Marley Eternit works closely with specialised sectors of the construction industry, delivering market leading, environmental sustainable, best value and quality timber products.