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The Cascade Effect

Inspired by the styling of traditional cast iron guttering and downpipe systems, Cascade Cast Iron Style Rainwater and Soil Systems from Brett Martin is a truly imaginative use of engineered plastics.

How closely does Cascade replicate real cast iron?

Cascade shows the intricate lines and authentic detailing that’s characteristic to cast iron and so closely resembles the real thing that it’s often hard to tell the difference and many have to touch it to convince themselves. This is why many conservation officers support its use on listed buildings. It is compatible with both existing cast iron and modern-style rainwater systems.

What gutter and downpipe options are available?

Cascade comes in 4 gutter profile options:

  1. Prostyle 106mm – sleek lines and modern styling for a more contemporary finish. Used with the 65mm Square Downpipe.
  2. Roundstyle 112mm – traditional profile. Used with the 68mm Round Downpipe.
  3. Deepstyle 115mm – higher capacity option for larger roofs. Used with the 68mm Round Downpipe.
  4. Deepstyle 170mm – maximum capacity used mainly for commercial buildings or very large domestic buildings such as barn conversions. Used with 105mm Round or the 100mm x 75mm (4” x 3”) Rectangular Downpipe

Hoppers – Cascade also has a range of downpipe hoppers in Ogee, Gothic or Bath designs and the Bath Hopper offers a range of motifs to suit individual styles or you can tailor your build with a Dated Hopper

To complement the Cascade Rainwater System, a comprehensive Push-Fit Soil System is available and designed to incorporate all the cast iron detailing to complete the cast iron look.

What colours does Cascade come in?

Cascade is available in 7 heritage colour options to allow homeowners to add a touch of old style detail to new builds or a sympathetic touch to period properties. In addition to the standard Classic Black colour, Cascade comes in:

  • Anthracite Grey
  • Graphite Grey
  • Olive Green
  • Oxford Blue
  • Porcelain White
  • Sandstone

How easy is it to install Cascade?

Cascade is easy to install due to its lightweight nature, making it quick and easy to handle and requiring less labour and time on site than it would take to install a real cast iron rainwater system. An installation video showing a Cascade Rainwater Gutter System being installed can be viewed at www.castironstyle.co.uk

Does Cascade require maintenance to keep it looking good?

One of the key benefits of modern plastics is its ability to remain maintenance free for many years. Cascade is UV stabilised and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

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