All you need to know about Velux Curved Glass Rooflight

Looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside

What is Velux Curved Glass Rooflight?

Curved glass – the newest addition to the VELUX range

More and more homeowners are choosing to extend their home to create extra living space for the whole family to enjoy. Flat roofs are becoming a more popular solution, allowing larger extensions and greater design flexibility.

It is more important than ever before to ensure a flat roof window which looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside is included within the design to provide daylight and fresh air – that is why VELUX have launched the world’s first curved-glass rooflight for roof pitches between 0 and 15˚. The new curved glass rooflight provides all the functional benefits of a traditional dome but with a design that sets it apart from other solutions.

Why choose Velux Curved Glass Rooflight?

VELUX curved glass rooflight features excellent noise reduction in case of rain, hail or other exterior disturbances. Blinds are available for daylight control and an awning blind for heat protection.

•         Elegant solution for externally visible installations.

•         Glass-to-edge construction allows for a clear, uninterrupted view.

•         Low maintenance due to curved glass providing natural drainage.

•         3-layer glass construction ensures optimal energy performance.

•         1.2 U-value energy pane for reduced energy consumption.

•         Scratch-free glass prolongs the unit’s expected life time.

•         Hassle-free installation in 0-15° roof pitch.

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