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Greatham Barns

TILE USED: Sahtas Brookhurst Handmade Clay Plain Tile in ’Multi’ blend

Ian Eldrid, a Quantity Surveyor, moved onto this land three years ago after renovating derelict barns and converting them into a house, garage and stables on this site on the edge of the hamlet of Greatham in West Sussex.

The site slopes gently down to the River Arun, where the river bank features an inlet, long since abandoned, where grain barges docked to unload their cargo into the threshing barn, built 250 years ago and converted into the present, now derelict granary some 100 years ago. The Granary is a Grade 2 listed building consisting of an oak frame with a single brick gable, the remaining three walls being timber clad.  The original roof was covered in traditional clay peg tiles.

The plot also contains a cart shed (now fully restored – see photographs) and various derelict single storey buildings which were milking parlours for the farm as well as stables and a hayloft.

All buildings on the site are in the process of being sympathetically restored to form a large house with an additional guest house, gymnasium and cinema all surrounding an internal courtyard.

The oak frame of the large and imposing granary is undergoing structural repair and preservation with only a small number of sections having to be replaced, such is the inherent strength of the original structure.

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