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Springfield Farmhouse

TILE USED: Sahtas Brookhurst Handmade Clay Plain Tile in ‘Restoration’ blend

Springfield Farmhouse is a contemporary property with a traditional ‘Sussex’ appearance, particularly in the detailed roofing works, which feature dormer windows and a hidden valley.

The Sahtas Brookhurst Clay Plain Tile was chosen as the client wanted a new product that was easy to source. The client – a property developer – wanted to know exactly what they were getting, which isn’t possible with a reclaimed tile; having used the Brookhurst previously on numerous other projects, they knew that the tile looked and performed well.

Typical of many properties in the area the roof uses the Sahtas Restoration blend with Olde English Red tiles used on the large sections of vertical tiling to add contrast and interest.

This grand property also features Sahtas handmade bricks in Weathered Farmhouse colour

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