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CUPA PIZARRAS CUPA 12 natural roofing slates have been used to roof a renovated private house in Suffolk. Street Farm was designed and built by JRF Developments, who selected the slates for their quality and appearance.

Originally a bungalow, the pre-existing property in historic Bury St Edmunds was completely stripped of its original roofing and interior before an extension and a second-floor studio bedroom was added.

Merchant AJW recommended CUPA PIZARRAS slates to Jamie Ferguson, Managing Director at JRF Developments who selected CUPA 12.

Jamie commented: “This was our first use of CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate, having not used slate on a project for some time. We have however since used CUPA PIZARRAS on a second property as we really like the quality look and feel of the product.

“As a bungalow conversion, this property has quite an expanse of roof, especially with the extension and flat roof section accommodating the second floor, so we wanted it to be as attractive and tidy as possible. We are really happy with the finished result.”

Approximately eight thousand CUPA 12 slates were used to roof Street Farm. Ben Blowes of Excel Complete Roofing Services was hired by JRF Developments to deliver the installation, he commented:

“It was a pleasure to work on a roof that was so well constructed and we are very happy with the finished outcome. We spent a lot of time grading the slates to achieve the really pleasing aesthetic, but I think the end result was well worth the effort.”

CUPA PIZARRAS’ CUPA 12 is a high quality, dark grey slate with thin laminations and a smooth surface. As it is a natural slate product, it has an exceptional life span of 100 years and requires practically no maintenance. It also has a sustainable production process, ideal for environmentally focused projects.

For more information on CUPA PIZARRAS natural slates, please visit www.cupapizarras.com/uk

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