Tiffany Tibbles

Purchase Ledger Clerk at our Chatteris depot

Where were you born?

I was born in Peterborough in 1992 and grew up in Whittlesey for most of my childhood before moving to Manea around the age of 13 and I now currently live in March.

Introduce us to your family

I live with my boyfriend Lewis, my partner in crime. We have been together for nearly 5 years now and lived together for 3. I have a small but very close family and they are a massive part of my life. I would be lost without each one of them.

Do you have any pets?

I don’t personally have any pets although my mum has a miniature Jack Russell called Tilly, she is like the family pet and the whole family adore her! She’s such a spoiled pooch!

What do you love?

Firstly I love my family, especially my grandparents who have done so much for me over the years and we have shared some amazing adventures and times together, I would be lost without them.


Secondly my home which we saved hard for and is just perfect for our first home together, it was all worth the wait!


I also love travelling and seeing new places… Oh also sweets & peach schnapps.

What do you hate?

Spiders, moths, wasps… basically anything creepy crawly and the ladies in accounts will tell you all how much I hate butterflies!!


I also hate heights although I will always push myself to try and get over my fear.

What kind of person are you?

I like to think I am a fun bubbly person with a good sense of humour. I tend to have the odd “blonde moment” but I wouldn’t be me without those and the stories to go with them!

What brought you to AJW?

I came to AJW with 5 years’ experience of purchase ledger. When I started everything was a little different to what I was use to and I was eager to change different things and look at new ways of working. Starting here has definitely helped to boost my confidence in what I do and I look to continue to progress and learn new things.

How long have you worked for AJW?

I have worked for AJW for a year now, the fastest year ever! 

What does your job involve?

I work on the purchase ledger dealing with the supplier invoices/queries and payments, I also help the accounts supervisor with any reports/reconciling. 


I was nervous to start somewhere new after being at my old job for 5 years but so far it has been great for me and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for me here.


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