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A case study from Lewis Culf


Introduction: Suffolk Yacht Harbour Ltd, nestled on Suffolk’s shores, aimed to modernise its infrastructure while honouring its maritime legacy. Lewis Culf, a renowned maritime architect, took on the challenge of completely renovating the yacht harbour building. This case study explores the strategic planning, collaboration, and craftsmanship that defined this transformative project.

Challenge: The task was daunting: rejuvenate the harbour building without losing its maritime charm. It required seamlessly blending modern materials and techniques while adhering to tight timelines and budgets.

Solution: Culf’s solution was twofold. He chose Kingspan KS1000MR, known for durability and aesthetic appeal, to clad the building. This ensured a cohesive facade that honoured tradition while embracing contemporary design. Collaborating with Coastal Building Supplies in Ipswich ensured smooth procurement and implementation.

Results: The completed project heralded a new era for Suffolk Yacht Harbour. The revamped building, adorned with Kingspan KS1000MR cladding, is a striking blend of tradition and modernity. Its enhanced durability and sustainability set a new standard for maritime architecture.

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