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AJW Visit Bury Town Football Club

Recently we supplied Bury Town Football Club with the materials that they need to build a new COVID safe standing area at their football stadium.

We spent a morning visiting the ground guided by Stephen Jarrold, who is the Commercial Director at Bury Town FC. Stephen took us around to look at the start of the project and also took us to look at the new and finished Jimmy Rattle stand, which is a fantastic sight to see.

Stephen, what is the reason for the club wanting to build an additional stand? 

As you can see from the size of the stand, we wanted to give the fans a place where they can enjoy the game without getting wet. When it rains, fans look for shelter. All covered areas become congested but now with an additional 30-meter covered area stretching more than 2 meters deep, we can keep spectators spread out

Our home games always have a fantastic turnout, so it is essential to give them a comfortable place to watch and enjoy the game.

Were you happy with the service you have received from AJW? 

Yes, we were delighted with the service. When we built the Jimmy Rattle stand AJW delivered our materials early this meant that we were able to get the stand built earlier for our home games.

It’s great to speak to a specialist because they know the product and can advise us on what exactly it is that we need.

How long do you expect this new stand to take to complete? 

Well, it is quite a big project! However, we have a good team here, and it is all hands on deck to get it put up. We are aiming to have it completed within the next few days.

What materials were needed from us to make this project happen? 

It’s fair to say we ordered quite a fair bit. We have a large quantity of Galvanised sheets coming 102 in total. We then also have all of the additional accessories that we needed such as colour caps and timber treks.

The Jimmy Rattle stand looks fantastic! Please tell us more about it.  

We added the Jimmy Rattle stand to replace an old wooden structure that was there previously. Jimmy is a historical fan of the club, so it was fitting to name the stand after him. The materials for the stand come from AJW Bury St Edmunds. The stand was erected about four months ago, and we were running ahead of schedule because AJW were able to get the materials ahead of time for us.

This stand has been a massive hit with the fans especially as there are no longer any struts blocking the view. It also keeps the fans dry, and the sound it generates builds a fantastic atmosphere.

AJW also caught up with Stephen after the project was completed

Are you happy with the end result of the new standing area? 

We are delighted with the final result. It is a large open space for the fans to enjoy the game. We are excited about getting fans back into the ground. And if this stand is anything like the Jimmy Rattle stand it is going to bring the noise! Great for the atmosphere!

“It looks really good and gives us some extra crucial Covid-compliant covered space”

Stephen Jarrold Commercial Director, Bury Town Football Club.

Thank you to Bury Town FC for allowing us to be part of this fantastic project. Thank you to Stephen Jarrold and everyone at the club for allowing AJW to come down and take a look. We wish you success during this season.

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