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How to re roof a shed

A shed roofing felt project from IKO

Most roofing felt garden sheds today act as storage for much more than a few garden supplies. With power tools, family bikes and sports equipment inside, the contents of the average shed can be worth more than £1,000. 1 in 10 sheds have more than £5,000 worth of kit inside! The most important element is the roof – leaky roofing felt can go unnoticed through the winter, allowing water to seep into everything, giving the owner a nasty shock when they open it up in the spring. How do you fix a leaking shed roof? Luckily, fitting a new roof is easy using modern roofing felt materials. Learn how to roof a shed with roofing felt below…

The challenge

Problems with shed roofs usually arise when the roofing felt has come to the end of its useful life. Exposed to sun, rain and frost, roofing felt can become brittle over time, causing it to peel and crack. This lets water in which can cause problems with rust and mould. How hard is it to reroof a shed? It’s actually simple enough to repair and with the right choice of materials, a shed can be made secure and waterproof for many years.

The solution

The most important element in a successful shed roof repair is the roofing felt, but performance can vary enormously. IKO Shed Felt, from roofing felt and waterproofing manufacturer IKO PLC, for example, is an economical fibre-based roofing felt finished with a fine green, red or black slate. It’s used to waterproof and protect a variety of common buildings such as sheds, summerhouses, kennels and hutches. Available in 1m x 8m and 1m x 10m rolls, this traditional roofing felt has a 5 year lifespan.

For homeowners who want a more professional look and who want to spend less time on maintenance, IKO Super Shed felt is a much longer-lasting polyester reinforced felt with a green or black mineral finish. Available in the same roll sizes, it’s a robust waterproofing membrane expected to last to up to 15 years.

The results

IKO PLC has produced an easy to follow step-by-step guide, outlining the tools and materials needed to fix a shed roof and apply bituminous roofing felt.

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