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Cedral fibre cement cladding has played an essential role in the completion of a stunning £250,000 rebuild of a 20-year-old bungalow into a two-storey holiday retreat.

Located in the heart of Ambleside in the Lake District, the property is built within a Flood Zone 3, directly next to a river. The original bungalow had to be completely demolished due to damage caused by three separate floods over the last two decades.

In its place, a stylish New England inspired property has been built in conjunction with the local Park Authority, who ruled that the new build’s construction had to offer up to 100 years of flood resistance. In order to meet this requirement, Cedral Lap fibre cement cladding was chosen due to its resilience against the external elements, whilst also offering a minimum life expectancy of 50 years.

Cedral Lap in colour Cream White was installed across the whole of the three-bedroom property, creating a traditional exterior that was perfectly in keeping with the picturesque Ambleside landscape.

Led by architect Trevor Irvin, the development took just under ten months to complete. Speaking of the renovation, Trevor said:

“As the property is built right next to a river and is located in a flood-risk area, the local Park Authority ruled that the property must be able to prevent flood water from entering the building, up to the ground floor windows.

“We specified Cedral fibre cement cladding as the material will completely dry out after coming into contact with flood water. Its resilience also makes it resistant to any potential warping, shrinking or rotting, enabling the homeowners to enjoy their home without any concerns that the property may be significantly damaged after a flood.”

The durable exterior was created by constructing a solid block internal wall, rather than a cavity wall.  This ensured that the new property didn’t have any potential gaps where flood water could enter, and Cedral Lap would help to protect the property from any potential damage from floating debris.

Trevor added:

“Whilst Cedral was chosen for its high quality and strength, its aesthetic design features also had to be approved by the local Authority Agency. In order to pass its strict criterion, the property’s design had to use environmentally friendly materials, whilst also reflecting the natural Cumbrian landscape. As Cedral Lap is one of the most sustainable cladding materials available, it ensured that we were in line with all necessary regulations.

“Cedral enabled us to achieve an effective and flawless exterior design that was easy to install. The owners are delighted with their brand new holiday home, which provides a stunning and long-lasting home they can enjoy for years to come.”

For more information on Cedral, visit: www.cedralsidings.com.

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