City Cladding Project


When it comes to revitalizing old industrial units, nothing quite compares to the transformation that cladding can bring. City Cladding Solutions, in collaboration with AJW, recently embarked on an exciting project that involved the refurbishment of old industrial units. The key materials used in this transformation were KS1000 RW Pure Grey, KS1000 MR Anthracite, and KS100 RW Single Skin in Pure Grey. These materials were selected based on the architect’s specifications, and the project’s primary objective was to breathe new life into ageing structures. The outcome exceeded expectations, leaving all parties involved thrilled with the results.

Understanding the Project

The project centred around the refurbishment of ageing industrial units that had seen better days. These units, with their old, worn-out exteriors, were in desperate need of a facelift. To tackle this challenge, City Cladding Solutions, with AJW’s support, embarked on an ambitious project that involved installing wall cladding over secondary steelwork and brickwork. The selection of cladding materials played a crucial role in achieving the project’s objectives.

Materials at the Heart of Transformation

  1. KS1000 RW Pure Grey: This cladding material was a key player in the project. Its pure grey color brought a modern and sleek aesthetic to the industrial units, immediately transforming their appearance. The KS1000 RW Pure Grey not only offered an attractive finish but also delivered excellent insulation properties, enhancing the buildings’ energy efficiency.
  2. KS1000 MR Anthracite: Another material that played a vital role in the project was the KS1000 MR Anthracite. This cladding material’s deep anthracite hue provided a striking contrast to the grey elements, adding visual interest to the buildings’ exteriors. Its durability and resistance to weathering made it an excellent choice for this industrial setting.
  3. KS100 RW Single Skin in Pure Grey: The KS100 RW Single Skin in Pure Grey was used to complete the transformation. Its single-skin design, combined with the sleek grey finish, helped ensure the entire project was cohesive in design and practicality.

Architect’s Specifications

One of the keys to the project’s success was the architect’s specifications. By following a carefully crafted plan, the team was able to achieve a uniform and striking appearance for the refurbished units. The architect’s vision played a pivotal role in selecting the materials that would not only modernize the units but also ensure long-term durability and functionality.

The Transformation

The transformation of the old industrial units was nothing short of remarkable. The cladding materials brought a sense of modernity and sophistication to structures that were previously outdated and uninviting. With the cladding installation over secondary steelwork and brickwork, the buildings not only looked impressive but also gained enhanced insulation and weather resistance, making them more energy-efficient and sustainable.

Happy All Around

The success of this project was a result of effective collaboration between City Cladding Solutions, AJW, and the architect, who had a clear vision for the transformation. All parties involved were thrilled with the final outcome. The once-neglected industrial units now stand as a testament to the power of quality cladding materials and expert craftsmanship.


The City Cladding Solutions project with materials supplied by AJW exemplifies how the right materials, when combined with a thoughtful design approach, can completely rejuvenate old industrial units. The choice of KS1000 RW Pure Grey, KS1000 MR Anthracite, and KS100 RW Single Skin in Pure Grey, along with precise installation over secondary steelwork and brickwork, has not only breathed new life into these structures but has also made them more energy-efficient and durable. This success story serves as an inspiration for future projects seeking to transform old, tired buildings into modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces.