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A ventilation campaign by Marley Eternit

The hidden costs of inadequately ventilated livestock buildings can run into thousands of pounds. Increased respiratory disease, reduced performance and slower growth rates all cost your business money – but it’s the bill you never see.

Take part in Marley Eternit’s ventilation campaign and you could win a new ridge system for your livestock building.

Contact Marley Eternit and they will arrange for a representative to carry out a free smoke bomb ventilation test in your livestock building and provide you with an instant assessment of your building’s ventilation. Every farmer who requests a smoke bomb test will be entered into a prize draw* to win a new Marley Eternit ridge system (including materials and labour) designed to optimise airflow from your livestock building.

Let ME help you assess your building’s ventilation

Visit https://www.marleyeternit.co.uk/ventilation to take part

Press release and images supplied by Marley Eternit 

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