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Dover Fueling Solutions Factory

Brett Martin has provided a comprehensive range of rooflight solutions, including Energysaver factory-assembled GRP rooflights, to a newly expanded production facility in Dundee, creating a light, energy efficient environment which offers a comfortable workplace for employees.

MAIN CONTRACTOR: Marshall Construction



  • Energysaver FAIRs – 230m2
  • Multivault Vaults – 2 runs of 8m & 10m
  • Ritchlight Skylights – 2 of 2.5 x 2.5m

In a design by GWP Architects, the Dover Fueling Solutions UK factory in Dundee has undergone an expansion of the current 90,000sq ft building to 135,000 sq ft. With the manufacturing space increasing to the size of two football pitches, this will allow for an escalation in production output and staff, and provide a larger canteen.

Built by Marshall Construction, the extension incorporates a combination of rooflight systems from Brett Martin Daylight Systems that maximises daylight and limits heat gain as well as offering the most cost-effective solution.

The specification for the 80mm-thick composite panel roof included 230m2 of Brett Martin GRP Trilite 3.0 Energysaver rooflights to bathe the building in natural sunlight. A Cleartherm insulating layer offered an excellent U-value of 1.3W/m2K while the liner panel is enhanced to meet fire classification of Class 0.

Brett Martin’s ability to meet the specification for the three types of rooflight required for the refurbished factory made the company the ideal supplier for this large-scale project.

As part of the extensive set of design solutions on this project, new Energysaver rooflights were adopted onto the existing manufacturing building providing increased insulation alongside a 25-year non-fragile performance for long term safe access. The link corridor connecting the existing building to the new reception/canteen area was successfully designed with two runs of 8m and 10m of the Multivault factory-assembled GRP vault rooflights.

In addition, two large pyramid glass skylights measuring 2.5m by 2.5m over the reception/canteen area provided both high levels of natural daylight and ventilation and an impressive internal aesthetic for employees and visitors to enjoy.

The easy installation of the factory-assembled Brett Martin insulating rooflights (FAIRs) ensured minimal disruption to factory operations. The FAIRs were built-up using a Trilite GRP sheet (3.0kg/m2) to ensure fast, reliable weatherproofing and allow the highest-quality natural daylight into the interior of this building. GRP provides an even spread of daylight, illuminating the factory staff while eliminating the risk of hot spots and solar glare.

Offering quality and robustness, Brett Martin’s Energysaver composite panel rooflights are innovative triple-skin FAIRs for composite roofs manufactured from GRP. Designed to the same depth as the composite roofing system, Energysaver’s flat liner panel sits flush with surrounding metal panels for excellent aesthetics and a neater, trim internal appearance. Delivering U-values from 1.9W/m²K down to 0.9W/m²K, they offer high quality diffused natural daylight, thermal performance and ready-to-fit convenience for widespan buildings.
Brett Martin not only designs a wide range of rooflight systems to deliver optimum performance, durability, safety and regulation standards – it offers superior technical support, detailed installation instructions and maintenance guidelines to ensure systems perform as promised, and work alongside all other roofing elements.

With this comprehensive daylighting application now complete, Brett Martin has played a significant part in ensuring this manufacturing facility meets its energy efficiency targets, whilst at the same time providing a light, bright and inspirational working environment for all staff.

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