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Klober air-open roofing underlay for Australian heritage restoration

Klober Permo® air HT roofing underlay has been used in the restoration of Marble Hill near Adelaide, until 1955 the Vice-Regal summer residence for the Governor of South Australia. Having been destroyed by a bush fire it had been under the trusteeship first of the National Trust and subsequently the Department for Environment and Heritage.  Its restoration is being undertaken without public funding under private ownership with work focussing on the revival of artisan trades and use of sustainable materials under the supervision of a heritage architect.

For roofs needing the highest standard of roof space ventilation Klober Permo® air HT, which is classified as an air-open, low resistance underlay, offers an exceptional level of breathability is combined with an integral safety mesh and 4-layer construction.

It has a water vapour resistance as low as 0.045 MNs/g and can be used for both cold and warm roof installations, and not only avoids the additional cost of supporting ventilation, but also interruptions in the roofline caused by traditional tile or slate vents. Being manufactured from polypropylene, it is also fully recyclable.

It has been used to upgrade countless historic buildings and provides an unparalleled means of preventing condensation on new builds during the critical drying out period.

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