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The quality, long lifetime guarantee of CUPA PIZARRAS’ product as well as its highly aesthetic appearance won the specification for the West Country development, which features a listed mill property and elegant new roof designs.

Roofing contractors like working with natural slate because it is simple to work with. For the merchant, this makes selling easier, but the extensive guarantee and traceability of CUPA PIZARRAS slate means they can be confident they have sold their customers a quality product.

The range of products available also allows merchants to sell to a variety of needs. Depending on where the slate originates, along with the minerals and tectonic pressure around it, the colour, thickness and texture of the tiles produced will differ from one quarry to another. Where the slate originates is an important factor when it comes to its specification. A guarantee of the slate’s provenance is crucial in ensuring a consistency of finish and that the tiles will wear evenly.

For the Tail Mill project, it was CUPA R12 Excellence’s dark grey with thin laminations and smooth surface that appealed from a design perspective.

The site dates back to as early as the 13th Century when it was used as a corn and grist mill, and has undergone various changes of use from sailcloth manufacturing through to munitions and plastic moulding. James Armitage Architects retained the majority of the historically significant buildings on the site and the masterplan was devised to provide accommodation around a series of courts, creating 45 residential units of which 22 are new build houses.

The development involved extensive consultation with English Heritage and the local authority’s Conservation Officer, as well as existing residents in the area. Each property has been designed to complement its setting, incorporating traditional styling and character features typical of the area, with a combination of local natural stone and timber cladding beneath the mainly slate roofs.

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