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Rolling out the RESITRIX on Grand Designs

In 2018, work was undertaken to renovate Witch point on the Irish sea coast into a comfortable single storey residential house.

The house has a green roof system comprising vertical and horizontal application of RESITRIX SKW EPDM membranes, which upon completion were buried.

Vertical elements of RESITRIX application also incorporated termination into window and door jambs that would sufficiently withstand harsh North sea weather conditions for decades to come.

Site Sealants installed the roof and their workmanship was second to none. The work was completed not only within budget but on time which is an amazing achievement considering the harsh working conditions.

RESITRIX was chosen for the following reasons:

Green roof compliant: It combines with the Type B structure (watertight concrete). This allows for two lines of defence as per requirements of BS 8102 for the protection of the structure below ground.

Working in cold weather: Another key reason to choose RESITRIX is that FG35 primer used performs well in cold temperatures.

Flexibility: RESITRIX membrane will allow for the movement (expansion and contraction of the concrete) without compromising on waterproofing and the membrane structure.

BBA certificate for zero falls, which this roof required.

Andy Stakes, the owner of the property who undertook this amazing self-build project chose RESITRIX EPDM after our technical expert Stewart Orton gave a live product demo.

After the project was completed he was delighted with the outcome

With regard to the product I can confirm that both Carlisle Construction Materials Ltd and Site Sealants Ltd have been very professional and helpful throughout the whole project.  As you may be aware there were no specialist advisers linked to the project and I relied on CCM Ltd in order to specify the waterproofing system.  So far I have absolutely no regrets and would like to thank everyone at CCM Ltd, particularly Steven Baddeley, for their advice and help”.

Witch point was a MOD radio/listening station during the war and has a huge historical significance. Well known as the listening bunker (first built in 1920), it was demolished and rebuilt with concrete, to allow for a sub-terrain overlooking the cliffs and the stunning views of the Irish sea.

Editorial and images supplied by Carlisle Europe.

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