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A case study from FFOLKES

The Site:

Ffolkes is a hub for FeastStay and Play, from family staycations to couples’ date nights. With 23 funky bedrooms, 3 Spa Cabins, Container Golf and feast-style menus under one roof, Ffolkes is the place to be in Norfolk. Situated in West Norfolk, just a hop skip and a jump away from Sandringham House and Gardens and Hunstanton Beach, lovingly known as ‘Sunny Hunny’ by the locals.

Ffolkes is also home to stables, a self-contained wedding and events venue that caters for up to 200 people and hosts a variety of fun and funky events throughout the year.

Get ready to be pampered like royalty amidst the breathtaking Norfolk countryside! Unleash the ultimate fun and relaxation by indulging in an in-room spa.

Step into a cosy cabin where pure bliss awaits at every corner. Immerse yourself in a sauna, hot tub, outside shower, and wood burner. It’s the ultimate spa escape, right in the heart of nature’s paradise! So gather loved ones or besties, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure of relaxation, laughter, and endless fun in the fabulous Norfolk countryside!

To top it all off, the stay will include an unlimited brunch FEAST, imagine unlimited pancakes, cooked breakfast, fresh fruit, coffee, and more.

The Design process:

At times, innovation in architecture happens when you least expect it. When faced with the challenge of capturing the sleek appeal of standing seam roofing for 3 new Spa Cabins while keeping costs in check, the Norfolk Passport group, the owners of The Ffolkes, Byfords; Holt, The Pigs; Edgefield, Beachside; Sheringham, Shirehall Apartment; Holt and part owners of The Assembly House; Norwich, embarked on an exciting journey. They opted to build structures from scratch off-site and then move them into place once foundations and drainage were in order. The result? A stunning fusion of industrial aesthetics and domestic comfort that’s both visually striking and cost-effective.

The Standing Seam Dilemma

Standing seam roofing, with its modern, clean lines, is a coveted choice in contemporary architecture. However, the cost associated with this look can be prohibitive, especially for projects with budget constraints. Norfolk Passport, in their quest for the perfect blend of aesthetics and affordability, found themselves at a crossroads.

An Innovative Solution

In the pursuit of an alternative that would echo the standing seam’s appeal without breaking the bank, Norfolk Passport collaborated with experts in the field here at AJW Distribution. Together, they brainstormed, discussed, and came up with a solution that would ultimately redefine industrial design in a domestic setting.

The Materials and Execution

The key to this innovative approach was the choice of materials, meticulously selected to create a harmonious fusion between the industrial and the domestic. The materials, as seen in the pictures and links above, were carefully chosen to replicate the standing seam look, all while remaining cost-effective.

What’s truly fascinating about this project is the transformation of an industrial product into a star player in a domestic setting. It’s the perfect example of design thinking that reimagines the ordinary, making it sing in an entirely new context.

A Splash of Creativity

But the innovation doesn’t stop at the exterior. The Ffolkes project takes it a step further, adding a funky twist with colour and complementary materials used both inside and out. This bold move infuses a burst of personality into the structures, creating an atmosphere that’s anything but conventional.

In conclusion, the Ffolkes project by Norfolk Passport is a remarkable testament to the power of innovation in architecture. By thinking outside the box and reimagining the use of materials, they’ve created something truly extraordinary. These structures not only embody the allure of standing seam aesthetics but also showcase the potential of creative thinking in architecture. They stand as a bold reminder that innovation knows no bounds and can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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