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Stunning Sport and Conference Centre using CUPA 12

This unique and challenging Sport and Conference centre was inspired by organic architecture, an architectural philosophy which seeks a balance between human habitation and the natural world. The CUPA 12 natural roofing slate was the chosen material to cover the impressive 7800m2 roof, a dark grey, smooth slate.  

This impressive centre was designed by the well-known Hungarian architect Imre Makovecz (1935-2011), an important advocate of organic architecture who was prominent both in Hungary and Europe.

This project was a great challenge for builders, in terms of design and quality; top-quality was one of the most important requirements among the project. The design of the building was followed by Imre Makovecz, and the building was built according to Tamás Dobrosi’s plan between September 2017 and August 2018.

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