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A roofing project case study from CUPA PIZARRAS

Villa P represents a great step forward on the use of natural slate in the latest sustainable architectural trends! It is a Danish project completed in 2016 and featuring a CUPA PIZARRAS’ natural slate roof and natural slate rainscreen cladding system.

N+P Architecture have designed a beautiful 195m² residence called Villa P. This Scandinavian dwelling is situated on a site with charming colourful views towards the harbour of Fredericia and Lillebaelt.

The name of this Villa P comes from the bearing outer wall, where the steep angle of the roof and the horizontal balcony meet to create a fold that resembles the letter P.

For this project, the decision was made to keep materials simple, natural and sustainable in order to follow the Nordic style.

N+P architects commented: “Slate is a great material standing the test of time. At the same time, it withstands the harsh and brutal conditions close to the ocean.”

Case study and images supplied by CUPA PIZARRAS

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