Flex-R, a specialist UK supplier of EPDM roofing membranes, has launched a new and updated materials calculator on its website. It has been designed to help roofers and merchants obtain a speedy ‘materials take off’ to aid pricing a job.

The new calculator, accessible on their website, is a new and improved version of their original calculator that was popular with both roofing contractors and stocking merchant counter staff. It allows them to build a kit list of all Flex-R ClassicBond components needed in a ClassicBond single ply roof installation, allowing the merchant to both check their stock and provide a price for the materials.

The new version is much quicker and simpler to use requiring just a few simple steps.  This includes selecting the roof shape, the roof edge details, the proposed roof substrate, and choosing any additional accessories to complete the project. The customer is able to either save the list, or choose to receive an emailed copy of the required ClassicBond products for that installation.  This can then be sent by the roofing contractor to their merchant to provide a quotation or if being used by the merchant counter staff, will make the job of stock checking and quoting much easier to complete.

“We are delighted that our much-improved calculator is now live, and we are encouraging all our customers to use it to simplify the process of calculating required components and for pricing. The new calculator can be viewed online on our website at https://flex-r.co.uk/audience/merchants/. Simply scroll down and click on the ‘calculator’ tab for access. Any feedback would be really appreciated.”
Said Danny Cole Trading Director at Flex-R.

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