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Giving Back 2019

Phoenix Ward – Broomfield Hospital

Every year at AJW Distribution, we choose a main charity on which to focus our fundraising efforts. This year, we have chosen to support Phoenix Ward, located at E122 in the east wing of Broomfield Hospital; a charity very close to our hearts thanks to their amazing care for our young friend, Harrison, who is a regular visitor there.

During 2019 the AJW team will be taking part in a number of events to raise much needed funds for our chosen charity of the year.

We have chosen a range of fundraising ideas so that everyone can get involved and help raise as much money as we can for the Phoenix Ward.

Raising money for good causes!

Harrison is a happy 8 year old little boy who is on the Autism spectrum, has a diagnoses of ADHD and lives with a life threatening condition, of a rare form of Epilepsy.

Over the past 6 years, Harrison has fell unwell on a number of occasions due to his Epilepsy, and has been admitted to Broomfield Hospital Phoenix ward for children. Harrison’s care on Phoenix ward is outstanding and all the staff do their absolute best in looking after Harrison each and every time. When Harrison visits Phoenix ward for check ups or has to be admitted, all the Doctors, nurses and staff uphold a brilliant relationship with him and make him feel as comfortable as possible. When Harrison visits the hospital, it is an extremely tough experience, Harrison will be often wired to machines and will have to visit other faculties to help his health such as the EEG department. All these visits can be traumatic for both Harrison and the family, but all departments do their very best in making the journey easier.

It is very important to us to expand people’s knowledge of how challenging it can be for families and children to be admitted to hospital and with your donations this could truly help the department and all families and children involved.

Please give generously to this worthy cause…

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