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Peter Tanner

HGV Driver : AJW Sawston

Pete’s wife Charmaine also works for AJW, you met her last month.

So to make this more fun we also asked Charmaine some of these questions to see what she felt Pete would say; see how she got on below.

Introduce yourself

Hi, I’m Pete. I have been driving HGV’s since 1993, so for 29 years. I have been driving for AJW for 2 and a half years.

What do you love?

My wife, my children, my grandchildren, life!

Charmaine : Family and BEER – not necessarily in that order!

What do you hate?

Can’t way that I hate anything, but let’s say injustice and bullying.

Charmaine : Unhelpful people

Any hidden talents or hobbies?

I write books and stories as a hobby

Charmaine : I like to write books and spend time with the family.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Pete would like to play the piano. However Charmaine said he should learn to be a better husband. 🙂

What is your favourite country that you visited?

South African, Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Italy!

Charmaine said South Africa, she’s a little biased as this is her home country.

What does your job involve?

Delivering roofing and cladding products safely and efficiently.

Keeping customers happy.

When I’m not driving, I help out in the yard, driving the forklift, picking, loading and unloading.

Charmaine : Delivering materials to site in the lorry. Sounds like Pete does a lot more than Charmaine thinks he does. 🙂

What do you enjoy about your job?

Meeting people.  I enjoy being out and about, especially in the summer. I enjoy the banter, not being politically correct.

Charmaine : The people

I think it’s save to say our very own happy couple Pete and Charmaine know each other pretty well! 🙂

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