EUROSIX Fibre Cement Profiled sheets provide
the optimal roofing or cladding solution for any
agricultural, industrial, commercial or domestic
building. The fibre cement sheet allows natural
ventilation to a building, absorbing condensation
and promoting the flow of fresh air. EUROSIX
comes with a range of accessories designed to
offer ventilation options to suit every building
type. It also provides natural thermal properties
and acoustic insulation offering protection
against harsher weather conditions.

Thickness 6.5
Corrugation Pitch 146.5
Corrugation Height 47.6
Bulk Density ≥ 1.625 g/cm3
Water Absorption  ≤ 18 %
Weight (as laid) 18 kg/m2
Humidity After 30 Days of Aging ≤ 10 %
Fire Reaction (Incombustibility) Class 1
Thermal Conductivity 0.34 V/mK
Sound-Insulation “Rw” 31 dB