Ash & Lacy

Ash & Lacy Building Systems specialise in the design, supply and manufacture of a complete metal envelope solution for use in roof and wall construction projects. This includes the provision of structural interfaces and building aesthetics, ensuring the correct solution is used for each project. We have been in operation since 1864 which has helped the company build a strong reputation throughout the industry.

Over the years we have also traded in different areas of construction, highlighting our diversity within the industry. We have a diverse portfolio of new build and refurbishment projects throughout the public and private sectors. We specialise in thermally efficient built up systems, comprising of our 32/1000 profiled sheet, stainless steel fasteners, AshGrid Spacer System and Fabrications.

 Product Overview

  • Fixings
  • AshGrid Spacer Systems
  • 32/1000 Profiled Sheet
  • Fabrications