Filon Products product range includes GRP rooflights for industrial and commercial profiled metal and fibre cement roofs. With tooling for over 1000 profiles, they can quickly produce almost any current and obsolete profile and new profiles and specials can be easily accommodated. Rooflights are available as single skin or built up systems and FAIRs (factory assembled insulating rooflights) to suit all common composite panel roof systems. Opaque and tinted sheets can be provided at relatively low quantities.

A number of unique products are available, including Filon Citadel designed for corrosive and aggressive environments where steel sheeting will not last. Specifically tailored to suit individual site conditions, Filon Citadel provides a long lasting envelope solution saving the down time and costs associated with stripping and resheeting work that could be required of steel roofing systems.

Filon DR is a light weight opaque Double Reinforced sheet that provides the strength performance of a heavier standard production sheet whilst maintaining the high profile definition expected from a thin sheet allowing it to be used for overlaying or Direct Replacement. Although any colour can be produced, the standard colour is light grey making it an ideal solution for asbestos cement profiled roofs.

Fixsafe is a potentially lifesaving rooflight system that allows the replacement to be carried out completely from within the building. This removes the risks associated with working on a fragile roof whilst providing a cost effective and quicker installation as edge protection; crawler boards and safety netting are not required.

Filon Over-roofing provides another first class refurb solution for asbestos cement roofs. This lightweight solution replicates the original roof profile whilst not contributing to the load of the roof. The weight of the new system is less than the weight of water cement sheets can absorb, so structural calculations become unnecessary.