Incorporated as a family business in 1979, Sahtas is dedicated to producing both handmade and handcrafted clay roof tiles and fittings that exceed the quality expectations of the industry and our customers. This goal is achieved through stringent in-house quality control at all levels, as well as continuous external independent testing.

All Sahtas products are manufactured using washed clay, a process unique to the clay tile and brick industry which removes impurities and deleterious materials from the excavated clay such as lime and soluble salts resulting in a fine grained and dense raw material with excellent durability.

All Sahtas products are guaranteed for 30 years against delamination and decay.

Sahtas now has a growing international reputation and supplies diverse markets in the United States, Turkey, Russia, mainland Europe and Australia as well as the UK.

The factory is proud of its specialist department which hand produces ornamental clay finials and carvings to customers’ specific designs.