Tuff Waterproofing Ltd

Our mission us to create successful long-term relationships with our customers by understanding their needs, delivering market-leading products and providing premium support services.

About Us:

TuffStuff® is the UK’s premium designer, manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty GRP waterproof flat roofing systems.

From our bespoke premises in North Yorkshire we supply our products through a dedicated Stockist network located throughout the country.

TuffStuff® has a dedicated product development team that work closely with customers and our own UK based manufacturing facility to produce an evolving product range that is suitable for multiple flat roof applications.

Our History:

Throughout our 30-year history we have invested heavily in research & development, our processes and our people to ensure TuffStuff® continues to set new standards in flat roof waterproofing solutions.

From our humble beginnings in the mid 1980’s, we have grown year-on-year to become a key figure in the GRP flat roof market. We are proud that our product range is now utilised across multiple domestic and commercial environments.

Our success to date has been significant but it is our commitment to developing our product offering in the future that really excites us. Our dedicated team of UK based product developers work on a daily basis with our UK manufacturing facilities to push the boundaries of GRP roofing systems to new levels.

We know there will be many challenges to overcome in the years ahead, but the structure we have in place gives us the ideal platform to evolve our product range and support customers in the delivery of their own unique projects.