Ubbink (UK) Ltd is part of the Ubbink Centrotherm Group, owned by Centrotec Sustainable AG and offer 40 years roofing experience and technical expertise in the UK.

CENTROTEC Sustainable AG is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of sustainable building solutions, and Ubbink Centrotherm Group manufactures the group’s building and roofing products, chimney and flue systems and ventilation ductwork.

Ubbink UK focus on the following product groups, which we believe we master and offer excellent customer support:

  • Ubiflex non-lead flashing (BRE wind tunnel tested and BBA certified)
  • Roofing products, specifically plastic roof ventilation, roofline products and accessories
  • Solar mounting systems
  • Plastic ventilation ductwork
  • Plastic chimney and flue systems

Ubbink products are characterised by their high-performance and sustainability, but we also we pride ourselves in helping our customers by supplying them with often universal products, which are extremely easy to handle and install.