The Ridgeon’s Cambridge team further their knowledge about the world of roofing

As a key distribution in East Anglia we pride ourselves in the service we offer our customers. This service also extends to our merchants as we want to ensure they have a vast knowledge about all of the roofing products which we sell to enable them to offer their customers the best service when selling Roofing products.

This led us to plan some in-house training for our local Ridgeon’s in Cambridge. The training took place over two days in two 2 hours sessions and was hosted at the Ridgeon’s office.

The plan for the training was to teach them about three of the main areas of roofing

  • Domestic roofing
  • Industrial roofing
  • Cladding – Cedral weatherboard

The domestic roofing training kicked off on the first day with a local roofer showing the team how to lay a roof to ensure that they were aware of all of the components so they are aware of all of the products to sell to a local roofer. This interaction with the roofer started the training off to a great start and meant that the Ridgeon’s staff could visualise how the roofers actually work.

The Industrial roofing was taught by Martin Willis one of the AJW external sales representatives. He has a vast knowledge of the Industrial roofing world and so was able to explain this clearly and effective to the team.

Lastly we had Rob from Marley Eternit Cedral weatherboard in to speak about this incredible product. As the key trainer for the product in the UK he had the audience captivated by the product, with many questions being asked.

We feel the training was a great success and believe that the Ridgeon’s team found it extremely helpful and informative.