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All you need to know about AshGrid from Ash & Lacy

The first ever spacer support system

What is AshGrid?

AshGrid™ was the first spacer support system for built-up metal roofing and cladding Since its launch in 1989, AshGrid™ has maintained its market leading position due to Ash & Lacy’s unrivalled service and extensive research

How do you use AshGrid?

The AshGrid spacer support systems are carried in depths to deal with varying U-Value requirements, with bracket spacing being adjusted depending on the project-specific loading requirements.
Ash & Lacy strive to accommodate all specifier requirements. Through our continuous innovation and design engineering, we have developed the ABV bracket, to provide additional strength where deeper, more robust constructions are needed.

AshGrid™ can be used in a broad range of applications including over-roofing, refurbishment of agricultural buildings, firewall systems, horizontal sheeting, vertical sheeting, asbestos encapsulation and standing seam roofing system. AshGrid™ can also be used with a wide range of other cladding products. Assistance can be offered to determine bracket support centres and U-Value build up requirements.

Energy Efficient
Enables the formation of a defined structural cavity to accommodate insulation.
• Prevents the compression of insulation, allowing it to perform to specification.
• Dramatically reduces energy consumption

Easy & Efficient to Install
• Twist and lock application with SafeLoc™ technology (from the side or from the bar ends)
• Fewer components

Most Adaptable
• Eliminates consequential damages due to movement and inclement weather
• Brackets fitted with EPDM base, eliminating thermal breaks

Structurally Superior
• New high performance brackets with deeper ribs for improved structural performance
• High fixing torque and increased pull out strength achieved
• Allows continuous load transfer throughout the bar run

Bracket Range
AB40 bracket depths 60mm-280mm
ABV bracket depths 240mm-400mm

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