BMI Redland Announcement – Temporary Suspension of BMI Redland Granular Tile Finishes

📣 Important announcement – Temporary Suspension of BMI Redland Granular Tile Finishes 📣
Your local AJW will be contacting you if any of your orders are likely to be affected by this news, but please do contact your local branch if you are concerned by any orders you are waiting for.
We will continue to keep you updated and we apolgies for any inconvenience caused
Team AJW
Dear Customer,
We’re writing to you with regard to two tile finishes that we are temporarily suspending manufacture of; 03 Antique Red and 02 Brown. This is due to a shortage of the raw material required for the granular surface finish.
We are temporarily suspending the intake of new orders for these granular products. Current orders for these tiles and the associated fittings will be impacted, we are seeking to fulfill current orders for the products listed below in Quarter 1 2022.
Redland 49 – 02 Brown
Redland 49 – 03 Antique Red
Plain Tile – 02 Brown
Plain Tile – 03 Antique Red
Grovebury – 02 Brown
Grovebury – 03 Antique Red
50 Double Roman – 02 Brown
50 Double Roman – 03 Antique Red
Regent – 02 Brown
Regent – 03 Antique Red
Renown – 02 Brown
Renown – 03 Antique Red
We will continue to keep you updated.