CUPA PIZARRAS Thermoslate used on traditional Wells Property

The owners of this traditional Wells property were looking for a house renovation based on sustainability. They were sure about taking advantage of renewable energies, but whilst maintaining aesthetic continuity with the surroundings.

The solution became strikingly clear: THERMOSLATE roof solar collectors. Made with natural slate, it uses the magnificent properties of the material to convert sunlight to energy to produce hot water. The system can generate more than 50% of the hot water requirements for the family and save more than 450kg of carbon emissions per year.

This traditional barn is located in a conservation area near Wells Cathedral, so the visual continuity was a key aspect. As the chosen roofing material was CUPA R12 natural slate, the solar collectors are completely invisible from outside. No human eye can spot the difference between the six solar collectors and the rest of the roof.

My client was keen to use a natural material for the roof of the property, whilst also making a sustainable contribution to meeting the family’s energy needs”, explains the architect, Paul Kellet. Also, planning consent was granted for the CUPA R12 slate, thanks to the BRE accreditation, ensuring the integration of the house into the surroundings.

The technical discussions between Paul Kellet and CUPA PIZARRAS specification team went smoothly and efficiently. Finally, six THERMOSLATE panels were installed in the 190 m2 roof and now it is completely indetectable.

The solar collectors are able to produce the energy needed to cover 57% of the hot water needs of the inhabitants. Furthermore, the system saves 217 cubic meters of gas and reduces carbon emissions by nearly 459 kg per year. The initial investment in THERMOSLATE is recovered within no time.

THERMOSLATE solar panels are quick and easy to install. On this occasion, EA Construction was in charge of the task, in close cooperation and following the guidance provided by CUPA PIZARRAS.

This was the first time we’ve worked with CUPA PIZARRAS products, but we would definitely do so again on the right project. The renewable credentials of THERMOSLATE would make it an ideal choice for new builds aiming for energy certifications and accreditations”, assures Edward Mcewan, director at EA Construction.

In order to avoid any inconsistency, THERMOSLATE is also fully compatible with any storage and distribution system already installed. Specialist heating engineers were on board to make the final arrangements and adjustments for the equipment.

THERMOSLATE is the fruit of constant research and technological innovation. “The energy used to produce the THERMOSLATE® panels is lower than that used to produce a traditional solar panel. THERMOSLATE® is also light weight which makes it a better choice for projects such as this with an original, unstrengthened roof”, says Terry Collins, Specification Manager at CUPA PIZARRAS.

In every project featuring THERMOSLATE nothing is left to chance as CUPA PIZARRAS is always available to provide support and expertise. “Our calculations take factors such as roof height, pitch, deviation from South, and property dimensions – combined with historical sun data – and calculate how much energy a specific scheme will generate”, explains Terry Collins.

The sustainable credentials of THERMOSLATE have resulted in certification under the Solar Keymark scheme. The system also conforms to EN 12975 and holds ISO 9001 certification. CUPA PIZARRAS’ commitment to the environment is a constant in every process, product and project of which we are part.

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