Transforming Rural Norfolk: CUPA R12 Excellence Slate Roofs Shine in Family Home Refurbishment

When it comes to reviving the charm of a traditional family home nestled in the heart of rural Norfolk, the choice of roofing material can make all the difference. In the picturesque village of Old Buckenham, an extensive family home refurbishment project unfolded, guided by the vision of the property owners and executed with precision by contractor Aspect Group Services. At the heart of this transformation lies the installation of CUPA R12 Excellence slates from CUPA PIZARRAS – a choice driven by aesthetics, quality, and a remarkable 100-year warranty.

A Home Reimagined

The Old Buckenham property, acquired by its current owners eight years ago, is a sprawling estate comprising a main house, a newly built lodge, a pool house, and a garage. The refurbishment of this complex endeavor occurred in several phases, starting with the construction of the new lodge in 2021. Subsequently, the main house and the swimming pool area received their much-needed facelifts. These renovations included not only the installation of new slate roofs but also the addition of external insulation, off-white render for the main house, and galvanized guttering and rainwater systems throughout.

Matt Dillon, Owner Director at Aspect Group Services, explains, “Aesthetics were important to the project, and as we’ve used CUPA PIZARRAS slate before, we were confident of the quality of the product and the overall service we would receive from the company.”

The Slate of Choice: CUPA R12 Excellence

Working closely with the CUPA PIZARRAS team and local merchant AJW Distribution, the decision was made to employ CUPA R12 Excellence as the ideal replacement for the aging concrete tiles on the roofs of both the main house and pool house. Aspect Group Services’ roofing division meticulously installed these slates using copper nails. To further enhance sustainability and functionality, low-profile solar panels were seamlessly integrated into the roof of the pool house alongside the slates, resulting in a flat, linear finish.

CUPA R12 Excellence, a high-quality, dark grey slate with thin laminations and a smooth surface, stood out as the perfect choice. Its guaranteed lifespan of 100 years and minimal maintenance requirements make it an exceptional natural slate product. For a project focused on achieving a smooth, uniform appearance, CUPA R12 Excellence was the ideal solution.

Matt Dillon praises the consistency of appearance offered by CUPA R12, stating, “With lower specification products, you can get impurities in the slate and color variance, which can stand out on larger roof areas. They can also be quite brittle, which means there is a lot of wastage. You get none of this with CUPA R12.”

Sustainability in Every Slate

Beyond its aesthetic and quality attributes, CUPA R12 natural slate embodies a sustainable solution, a vital consideration for both the homeowners and Aspect Group Services. CUPA PIZARRAS places a strong emphasis on sustainability at every stage of its production process, actively reducing carbon emissions. The company harnesses renewable energy sources, including photovoltaic solar energy, to power its operations, effectively reducing its carbon footprint.

Moreover, CUPA PIZARRAS’ slate products, including CUPA R12, have received BRE verification, confirming their environmental product declarations align with stringent standards. This commitment to sustainability adds an eco-friendly dimension to the project, resonating with homeowners and contractors alike.

A Striking Transformation

The homeowners’ delight with the completed work is palpable. The refurbishment has not only preserved the essence of a traditional brick property but also transformed it into a modern family home. The CUPA R12 Excellence slate roofs not only contribute to the visual appeal of the area but also harmonize seamlessly with the external finishes of the main house and its associated buildings.

In the heart of rural Norfolk, where history meets modernity, the CUPA R12 Excellence slate roofs stand as a testament to timeless beauty, quality, and sustainability. This project exemplifies the power of choice in material selection, transforming a family’s dream into a stunning reality.

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