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WFH is the abbreviation EVERYONE knows. Just a few short years ago it would have attracted blank stares but these days everyone is doing it, that’s where Cedral Cladding Garden Rooms come in.

While there are a multitude of advantages to WFH – working from home – it has put our living space under immense pressure. What do you do if there simply isn’t room for desks and chairs and office equipment – not to mention all extra storage space you will need?

Utilising your outdoor space and investing in a garden room might just be the solution. It can add value to your home and create that all important multi-functional room outside. It’s also much cheaper than building an extension and you may not even need planning permission for your project.

Cedral facades are the perfect way to create a long-lasting, hard-wearing, attractive garden office – find out more here.

Made from durable fibre-cement, Cedral cladding is low maintenance and doesn’t need regular repainting – just wipe it down with a cloth. It doesn’t rot, rust, warp or crack, is insect, bacteria and algae resistant, has an excellent fire classification of A2-s1, d0 and a minimum life expectancy of 50 years.

For more information, read Cedral’s 5 reasons you should choose fibre cement cladding.

You can also invest in a ready-made garden pod. Designed to take up minimal space, it can be fully constructed off site and lifted into position or alternatively, can be installed in situ in just 3 to 4 days.

Find out more about Cedral garden pods.

For a rustic look in your garden, a shepherd’s hut is a charming option. Combining a traditional design with modern materials, it offers old world appeal with contemporary convenience.

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Tristen Read, Director of Read Garden Rooms Ltd, built his first garden room a few years ago – and liked the experience so much he decided to set a business to provide outdoor rooms for others. These days, a garden room has become much more than a place to work he explains – what was once just a pod is now a redefined space, providing premium space saving solutions.

“It’s going beyond garden offices and stepping in to rooms that ground you, surrounded by nature where distractions are minimised and concentration boosted. For example, we have had a big surge in requests for expressions and emotional escape rooms. Designs range from the small cocooning construction wrapped in warm reds or earthy beige to large spec modern garden rooms that offer multi-functional space for both work and down time such as a 50/50 yoga space and garden office.”

After using Cedral cladding for his own project, Tristen knew he had found the right product to work with long term. Running a bespoke service, custom designing each garden room to his customers’ specifications, it was vital to use quality products.

“We’re selling a premium product at the high end of the market and Cedral cladding fits the bill perfectly for that,” says Tristen. “There are other products in the market which are slightly cheaper than Cedral but with Cedral you get a thicker board, richer colours, a better paint finish and overall, a better-quality product.”

High quality and low maintenance make Cedral an excellent option for garden rooms, he says.

“A big selling point for us with customers is that our garden rooms are very low maintenance and that often sways them towards Cedral over traditional timber cladding. This is something that I get a lot of feedback on – Cedral is a fantastic option for our customers who want their building to stay looking like new without the upkeep of painting wooden cladding every year.”

Cedral cladding comes in a choice of 21-factory applied colours, two woodstains and a choice of woodgrain or smooth finish. “People are always impressed when they see the range of options that they can have,” says Tristen.

“One of the major needs from homeowners in relation to garden rooms is the use of more natural products,” explains Tristen. “Fibre cement cladding such as Cedral has been growing in popularity globally in comparison to wood. A strong, versatile and sustainable material containing cement and fibres, it uses fewer raw materials and less energy in its manufacture and produces less waste than some traditional building materials.”

All of which makes Cedral the right choice for his business. “We want to deliver the best garden rooms possible, so for me it’s all about using top quality materials and suppliers – that’s why I’ve chosen Cedral.”

Read Cedral’s expert advice on choosing the best cladding colour for more information.

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