How to install a slate roof ?

The installation of a natural slate roofing depends on the slate type, the style and the design.

Slates are supplied in pallets and stacked on their long side. Once removed from their pallets, slates need to be graded and sorted into three or four thicknesses. If stacked on site they should be laid on the long side with battens between the layers.

Step by step guide:

Slates can be supplied preholed. However, if on-site holing is undertaken, the following methods should be used
In the UK, slates are usually fixed with nails. Those nails should be either aluminium alloy or copper, silicone bronze or stainless steel in coastal areas.

          Holing by hand
Wherever possible, machine holing is preferable. Holing by hand should only be considered when a small amount of slates need re-holing for repairs or when a hole needs to be repositioned in-situ
          Holing by machine
If slates are machine holed it is recommended that only one slate be holed at a time. If the machine uses a punching method then attention should be paid to the risk of damage. The holing machine will need to be well maintained and adjusted regularly. For this reason a boring method is preferable.

An alternative method of fixing slates is the use of slate hooks; however, hooks should not be used below a 25º roof pitch. This method is very common in France and Belgium.

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