Fibre cement profiled sheets are an ideal cladding for Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial and Domestic buildings.

EUROSIX Fibre cement profiled sheets have many advantages over alternative roof coverings which will benefit the life expectancy and efficient use of your building. Benefits included vapour permeability (natural ability for roofing sheets to ‘breath’) thus significantly reducing the possibility of condensation, excellent acoustic insulation which reduces noise within the building, completely weatherproof roof covering and maintenance free after fixing.

EUROSIX fibre cement profiled sheets are maintenance free, will not suffer from rust, rot or corrosion and are expected to last well in excess of 30 years minimum.

The full range of EUROSIX fibre cement is reinforced with strategically placed polypropylene strips which are fully integrated along each corrugation of every sheet.

Natural Grey is the standard finish of the EUROSIX fibre cement sheet and fittings but Meadowscape and standard painted colours are also available.

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