Cedral fibre cement cladding has been at the forefront of a substantial renovation project in South Worcestershire, which has almost doubled the size of the original property.

Situated within picturesque woodland, the remodelled two-storey home spans an impressive 8,600sq.ft. and features five bedrooms, a guest annexe and an indoor swimming pool.

Cedral Lap was specified by David Bull, Principal at David Bull Architects across the project to create an exterior design inspired by the homeowner’s admiration of the New England aesthetic.

Speaking of the development, David said: “Having been extended and altered over the years by its various owners, the homeowner wanted to completely remodel the house and transform it into a coherent, unified design. Cedral Lap in colour Grey helped to achieve this as it was used across the whole first floor of the property, creating an impressive exterior that works in perfect unison with the white rendered ground floor”.

As the project developed, the design evolved into a combination of both classic and contemporary styles. A series of gabled feature bedroom windows were framed and enhanced by Cedral Lap, achieving a visual harmony between traditional and contemporary influences.

Whilst the overlapping planks combined with a woodgrain effect provided the aesthetic qualities required, Cedral’s ease of installation also made it an attractive solution for the contractors, R L Cook of Worcester, who installed the material alongside the custom designed gables and windows.

The complete renovation and remodelling of the property has provided the homeowners with the perfect opportunity to create their dream home, ensuring that the build reflects their personality whilst also offering long-lasting durability. Cedral is low maintenance, resistant to rot and offers protection against external elements including rain, sunlight and wind, creating a unique home for years to come.

David added: “The project has created a property that is unique to the homeowners in every way. Cedral provided the ideal balance between personality and functionality, creating a visually stunning home that meets all the requirements of family life”.

For more information on Cedral, visit: https://www.cedral.world/en-gb/

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